Jamaica Vacation Part 1

The hubby and I take a trip to the Caribbean every summer.  This year we went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  We stayed at the Sandals Ochi.  This resort is huge, and is broken up into two sides.  We stayed on the beach side, so we could have a view of the ocean from our room!  I love everything about the beach.  I love the way the waves sound as they wash on shore.  I love the smell of the salt in the air.  I love the breeze that comes off the ocean and I really love palm trees.  Someday, I want to live on the beach!  We stayed in a beach front room and had a view of the ocean.  I love being able to sit on my balcony at night or early in the morning and listen to the waves. PicMonkey Collage2

I got up early every morning and sat on the balcony and watched the sun come up.  It was beautiful!

PicMonkey Collage3

We left our room around 8 every day.  We went and ate breakfast at the buffet in our building.  The buffet had an omelet station where you could choose what you wanted.  They also had really good French toast.  There were pancakes and an assortment of pastries, muffins, and breads.  You could also get yogurt and fresh fruit.  There was always bacon, sausage, and breakfast potatoes.  Every day they also had a selection of different Caribbean flavors.  After we ate, we would hang out at the beach until lunch.  The beach was usually not very busy in the mornings, so we had no trouble finding a chair or even getting a raft.

Sandals - Beach (15) Sandals - Beach (154)

Whenever we got hungry, we would go find lunch.  We tried both of the snack restaurants on the beach but our favorite was the pizza place.  They had the absolute best pizza, it was AMAZING!  Tapas also had really good fish tacos.

Sandals (21)

Then, after lunch we would hang out in the pool for a few hours. We made friends with the swim up bartender and we had a lot of fun playing games with him.  He would fill my Diet Cokes on top of his head and bring them to me like that!

Sandals - Bar (1)

Later in the afternoon, we would back to the beach and hang out until almost dark.  This was our schedule almost every day.

We did get up one day and go up to the hillside (the other section of the resort).  It was really nice!  We ate breakfast at their buffet, and it was so good.  They had a little bigger selection of food than we did.  Plus, they had a blueberry topping for the French toast.  (I love anything blueberry) The pool at this side was HUGE!

Sandals (189)

We hung out in the pool and then ate lunch at the Jerk Shack.  It was some of the best jerk chicken I have ever had!  It was moist and tender.  It came in big chunks, and we could choose the jerk sauce that we wanted on it.  There were three different heat levels.  I tried the hottest one, but I couldn’t have more than one bite!  It was hot!!

Sandals (47)

A couple of days we went snorkeling.  We didn’t see much, but I still loved that we got to go out on a boat.  We also spent some time using the kayaks and paddleboards, and we even went sailing once.  The weather was perfect!

Sandals (19)

Us - Sandals (10)

I’ll be honest and tell you that I didn’t work out or run at all!  I actually had every intention of running on the beach, but there wasn’t a big enough stretch of beach to run on.  So, I just relaxed.  But, if it counts at all, the resort was built into the side of a hill, so we had to go up 4 flights of stairs to get to the lobby and then another 4 to get to our room.  There wasn’t an elevator from the beach to the lobby, but there was from the lobby to our floor.  But, I don’t like elevators, I have a fear of them getting stuck, so we took the stairs most of the time.

Sandals (4)

Sandals - Beach (153)

There was so much to do, so I’ll write about our night activities in the next post.

But, before I go, here are some extra pictures….

Us - Sandals (263) Us - Sandals (149)

I LOVE palm trees!
I LOVE palm trees!

Where do you like to vacation?


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