Jamaica Vacation Part 2

We did so much on our vacation, that I had to break it up into multiple posts.  After hanging out at the beach and pool all day, we would head back to the room to get ready for the night.

Sandals (126)

We would go to dinner and then the nightly show.  After the shows we would usually go back to the room and go to bed.  The first night we ate at the southern food restaurant.  This was my favorite for the whole week!  We both ordered steak, and it was delicious.  I also ordered the peach cobbler for dessert, which was scrumptious.

Sandals (187)After dinner that night, we went and watched a reggae show.  I am in love with reggae music so of course I loved the show!

It's bad quality - but it's the only one I got
It’s bad quality – but it’s the only one I got

The next night, we ate Italian.  It was excellent!  I had the chicken parmesan.  The chicken was thin and it wasn’t greasy.  I really enjoyed it.  We skipped dessert because they were having a chocolate party.  We went up to the hillside to the party.  It was set up around the pool and there were tons of tables covered with chocolate desserts.  I am not a big chocolate eater, but I tried a few and they were good.  They had models covered in chocolate.  I don’t think I could do that.  There was also a chocolate fountain with fruit to dip in it.  We were supposed to wear white to the party, and the hubby ended up dropping some chocolate from the fountain on his shirt. Major fail!  But, we were able to get it laundered and save it!

PicMonkey Collage4

The next two nights we ate at the Japanese restaurant.  Before dinner, we would go to the sushi bar for appetizers.  Although the hubby doesn’t eat sushi, he was a good sport and would sit while I ate.  Then, we would head over for Japanese.  We really like the show cooking, and the waiters and chefs would serenade us with Shaggy songs!  They were hilarious!

PicMonkey Collage5

One of these nights we went up to the hillside to go to the Rabbit Hole.  It was a really cool bar that had a lounge singer.  She was awesome!  We hung out here and listened to the music for a while.

Sandals (147)

The other night, we went to the steel drum band show.  This was my favorite show of the week!  The band was absolutely amazing!

Sandals (165)

Another night, we tried a gourmet restaurant and didn’t like it, so we ate at the snack bar later that night.  It was ok.  The hubby liked it because you could fix your own nachos.  It was only open late at night, and I just didn’t like eating so much junk that late.  So, it was good, but I just couldn’t eat very much.

The last night we were there, we ate at the seafood restaurant on the beach.  I really enjoyed the fried calamari!  We both ordered the ribeye, but it was not good.  It wasn’t like steak that we are used to, and it was mostly fat.  So, we really didn’t eat much.  We also ordered a crème brulee, and it was good, but really really sweet!  When we were finished, we went to the show.  It was the staff talent show, and I was impressed with how talented they all were.

Sandals (136)

Overall, it was a great week!  Give me a beach and some sun and I’m happy!  I can’t wait to go back to Jamaica.

We also did an excursion while we were in Ocho Rios – I will share it in my next post.

Keep reading, we didn’t go straight home – we took a trip to LA!  That’s coming up in the next posts


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