Summer Vacation – California Trip Part 2

Greetings!CA - Simi Valley (68)

Like I said before, while we were in California we visited a few places and did the touristy stuff!  One afternoon, we went to Hollywood.  We walked up and down Hollywood Blvd.  We had both been there before, but never together, so we enjoyed doing this with each other.  We found Steven Spielberg’s star.  I was there when he received it years ago and got to watch him accept it.  It was cool to see it again.

Us - Hollywood (8)

We walked around for several hours watching the street entertainers and going in the shops looking for souvenirs.  I really can’t believe some of those entertainers actually make money!  We watched a group of guys make over $100 and all they did was do a flip over a couple of people!  We did see a really good one though.  It was a Harlem Globe Trotter and he was Awesome!


We strolled through the shopping area next to the Chinese Theater and looked at the Hollywood Sign!

Hollywood (52) FotorCreated


After walking around Hollywood, we went to Rodeo Drive and around Beverly Hills.  I love California!  (I think it’s all the palm trees!) I wish we would have had more time to spend down there.

FotorCreated2 s3

Hollywood (8)The next morning, we got up and went for a drive.  The hubby didn’t really tell me where we were going except to the beach.  We got on the Malibu Canyon road, and I loved it!  I couldn’t talk him into stopping to take pictures.  He didn’t like driving on the side of a mountain, but I thought it was pretty cool.

FotorCreated6After we got off of it, we got on the Pacific Coast Highway.  After seeing this, I really wish I could live there.  To drive next to the ocean everyday would be awesome!  We saw so many surfers and paddle boarders.  I also really liked that several of the beaches that we passed had running trails on them.  I’m in love!  I would love to wake up every day and be able to see the ocean.  Being at the ocean just makes me really happy!

We ended up at the Santa Monica Pier.  I had never been there before and the hubby was really excited to take me.  Honestly I had never even heard of it before.  It was incredible!

FotorCreated7There was so much to look at.  The beach was big and beautiful.  The pier was full of people, and there were all kinds of little stores and carts to shop at.  I really loved that they had a food cart with only fresh fruit!   The amusement park was so cool!  I don’t like rides, but I loved that it was on the ocean.  We had a lot of fun walking down the midway and looking at all of the games.   While we were walking around there, we realized that the kids from Brazil who were in town for the Special Olympics were there.  We really enjoyed watching some of them play games and ride the rides.  They had so much joy and were so and excited about everything and it was adorable. FotorCreated8

After leaving the pier, we drove back down the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped in Malibu.  This was another place that I had never been.  We actually went down to the beach and walked in the water.  It was so cold!!  I don’t know how people were in there in their swimsuits.  We walked all along the beach and took a ton of pictures.  We had to get back in time for lunch, so we didn’t stay too long.



On our way back to the airport, we went by Venice Beach.  This was my favorite beach of the whole vacation!  The beach was big and had white sand.  The mountains in the distance made the views so picturesque.  I also loved watching all of the sailboats.  When we left, we drove by Marina Del Ray.  I was shocked at how many sailboats were there.


CA - LAX (11)

Overall it was an amazing trip!  I was so sad to leave, and I can’t wait until I can go back!


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