What I Listen to When Running

Yesterday I ran later in the afternoon.   It was so hot! It really cooled off this past weekend but it didn’t last. I had to go pretty slow. The problem is not that its so hot, the problem is that its so humid and it makes if hard to breathe. Summer is my favorite tine of the year but I am ready for fall.

2015-08-17 18.13.35 After my run, I took Jake on a walk to our pasture to feed the horse.

2015-08-12 18.56.18 He loves going up there and running. We walked until he was worn out!


I love walking up there because we have to walk through a pecan tree grove and it is always shady and cool.

PecanGroveRight now I have listening to the Podcast Undisclosed. I started with Serial and downloaded it for the sole purpose of listening while I was running, but I got so into it that I listened every chance I got until I finished the season. I am only on the second episode of Undisclosed but I’m not that in to it yet. So I’ve been listening more to music when I run and I thought I would share my playlist with you. I have several different playlists, and they are named 5k, 10k, 13.1. lol ( hopefully someday I will have a 26.2!)  Here is my 10k list because that’s mainly what I have been running recently.

Katy Perry                         Hot n Cold

Katy Perry                         Roar

The Killers                        Somebody Told Me

Mark Ronson                   Uptown Funk

Outkast                             Hey Ya!

Taylor Swift                       Bad Blood

Florence & the Machine       Dog Days Are Over

Newly Furtado                 Promiscuous

P!nk                                  So What

Christia Aguilera             Fighter

Britney Spears                Circus

Britney Spears                Womanizer

Iggy Azalea                     Black Widow

Macklemore                   Can’t Hold Us

Florida Georgia Line     Cruise

Florida Georgia Line    This is How We Roll

On a side note, I have been obsessed with Ed Sheeran lately.  I find a song or artist that I like and I listen to it constantly.  I really love his song Photograph! download

What are you listening to right now?


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